Hallmark "Squawkin"

(Director of Photography, Codirector)


I wasn't going to put this on my site, but I noticed that people always watch it twice.  It was fun to light the colored background and urge kids to be crazy.  Can you tell I put a mic on the chicken? Written and Codirected by Trevan McGee.  Edited by Andy Miriani. 

Dirty Money: "Pay Day"

(Location Sound Recordist)


There was no lighting department on this job, so in addition to location sound, I helped DP Thorsten Thielow achieve some chiaroscuro looking interviews that I'm very proud of. It was also fun to deal with such a sensitive topic.

Directed by Jesse Moss, Edited by David Moyes, EP Alex Gibney.

Corporate FM

(Film-maker, Director of  Photography)

This issue had bothered me ever since the rock station in my home town flipped formats after Rolling Stone voted it in the top 10 in the nation.  I never felt there was a really thoughtful explanation for the flip.  So I made a movie and uncovered something much bigger than I anticipated.

 Available on Amazon and at fmfilm.com.

Ashley, The More the Merrier

(Director of  Photography)

Ashley prepares dinner with her new family in this nonfictional Hallmark series. Hand held camera, augmented daylight and a sincere subject are the trifecta of realism in this one.

The Total Eclipse of the Sun: Sights and Sounds from a small farm in Missouri.

(Film-maker, Cinematographer)

Featured on the front page of VIMBY.com. The experience on location was surprisingly spiritual and...cosmic.  Shot in field somewhere by New Haven, Missouri.

Traci Lynn Martin's Attempt at the World Record.

(Location Sound Recordist)

Traci Lynn Martin is kayaking the shores of all the great lakes to demonstrate that Rheumatoid Arthritis is not holding her back. The editors took interview sound and mixed it location sound from the shore to give this intimate feeling. Directed by Nasreen Alkhateeb

Shoebox: "Distractions"

(Director of Photography)


Client wanted 30' Commercial shot in style of  "The Office"


Directed by Chris Dorosey,  Graphics by Paul Horton. I'm proud that this got over a million organic views without any paid promotion.

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